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1. After placing an order, Hairshop sends an invoice for the goods to the Buyer by e-mail, which is an Order Confirmation. The invoice is payable by bank transfer.

2. From the moment the amount indicated in the invoice is received on the settlement account of OÜ Hairshop, the Sale Contract enters into force, after which Hairshop sends the Goods to the Buyer.

3. After the entry into force of the Sales Contract (after the Buyer has paid the prepayment invoice), Hairshop will complete the order and deliver it to its logistics partners for delivery to the Buyer. Minimal order is 30 (thirty) euros.

4.    The ordered Goods are delivered within two working days, depending on the location of the Buyer or by agreement with him, as well as depending on the capabilities of the logistics partners.

4.1.    Should the delivery be delayed on any reason, the Hairshop customer support will arrange with the Purchaser a convenient delivery time.

5. To avoid delivery delays, the Purchaser must provide correct delivery data and verify the correctness of the filled in forms.

6.    Free shipping in the Baltic States is for orders from 70 €.

7.    Hairshop’s logistics partners for orders delivery:
7.1.    DPD Eesti AS
7.2.    OSC
7.3.   Venipak Eesti OÜ.


8.    For more details on delivery services and costs, log in to your personal account in the online shop, or click the „Cart“ icon.

9.    If your order contains salon equipment the Hairshop representative may need to contact you for shipping details.

10.    Large deliveries exceeding 31.5 kg or 0.126 m3 shall be delivered to the unloading site and the Purchaser shall ensure a possibility for unloading.

11.    A door-to-door delivery service implies that the Purchaser takes care of the parcel indoor delivery.
12.    Couriers have no obligation to call in advance.

13.    Goods damaged during transportation, but not packaging, shall be replaced to the Purchaser.

14.    Hairshop shall not be held responsible for any delivery delay, if the goods were handed over to logistics partners on time, but the delivery was delayed due to circumstances that Hairshop could not foresee or control.



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